Sessia is a new platform designed to connect businesses and customers through blockchain technology.

If there are two technologies that have grown tremendously in the past few years, it is social networking and blockchain technology. It has not only transformed the way we talk to one another, it has made a profound impact on the way businesses and customers connect.

But with some of the major social media platforms, the constant risks to privacy are a concern that weighs heavily in the minds of modern consumers.

There is also the problem many brands have with trying to stand out and reach potential customers in the modern social media landscape.

In order to provide a more transparent platform, some companies are working to merge the power of blockchain technology with the connectivity of social networking.

One of these companies is the blockchain-powered social marketplace, Sessia.

Sessia: What is it?

Built on a platform built on blockchain, Sessia is a social network that connects businesses with customers. The platform allows you to buy what you want while receiving cashback (in the form of cryptocurrency) after every purchase. The network fully utilizes the power and advantages of blockchain. Two of the major advantages of Sessia is decentralization and high-security. By taking away the third parties and utilizing Ethereum digital tokens, Sessia provides more security and faster processing times for transactions.

A Different Kind of Social Network

Sessia operates within its own internal network, making the link between brands and followers much more direct. Largely free and accessible through a mobile app, its unique ecosystem helps build business-to-consumer relationships while offering benefits to both parties.

Businesses are able to set up online stores (complete with a CRM and logistics) while customers can buy products and join loyalty programs for incentives. Sessia offers businesses a unique way of advertising. Customers are able to see the purchases of their friends and family. This familiarity can encourage more people to buy a particular product or start following a new brand.

In addition, businesses can also follow their customers. Without having to link back to their own site, companies can promote products and creates ads directly on the platform. Being a self-contained network, Sessia sends alerts (including receipts) out to your customer’s network and builds your brand.

For buyers, shopping on the platform can grant them access to exclusive savings, cashback, and loyalty memberships. You don’t just spend money. You earn as you spend as well.

As a platform, Sessia works to help businesses use the power of cryptotechnology to save on ads, lower product prices and provide customers with better experiences.

The platform is still growing. Learn more about Sessia and its innovative approach on their site.