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San Jose, CA – A recent XploreMR Study envisages the dairy stabilizers market to expand at a rate of 4.7% in terms of value sales throughout the forecast period (2019-2028). The organic dairy stabilizers will continue to lead the market share throughout the forecast period, whereas, the conventional dairy stabilizers are likely to witness slow growth during the forecast period

Remarkable demand for processed foods has led to the tremendous growth of a variety of stabilizers, over the past few years. The increasing urbanization has led to increased consumption of fast food, which generally includes chemicals and other harmful ingredients which impose an adverse impact on the health of the consumers. To avoid the unhealthy lifestyle and dietary pattern, consumers have started consuming dairy products more often globally. The increase in the consumption of the dairy products has created valuable opportunities for the market players engaged in the global dairy stabilizers market.

Dairy stabilizers are mainly used in restaurants, household kitchens, and the industrial sector for the production of various dairy products and to further preserve them for long hours. The need for natural blends to offer smooth texture to the dairy products is also a critical factor which increases the demand for dairy stabilizers globally.

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Further, the lesser consumption of processed meat is also increasing the demand for dairy products, which eventually poses a positive impact on the dairy stabilizers market. Moreover, owing to diverse applications of the dairy stabilizers, the global market is likely to expand even more over the forecast period (2019-2028).

Several companies which are engaged in the production and distribution of the dairy stabilizers are heavily investing in the research and development of the perfect dairy stabilizers which do not alter the texture and taste of the dairy products. The emerging countries are likely to bring out numerous opportunities for the dairy stabilizers market players.

Many factors were considered to analyze the growth of the dairy stabilizers market such as urbanization, customer inclination towards dairy products, riding demand for an increased shelf life of the dairy products, demand for natural ingredients and rising disposable income of the consumers. All these factors drive the dairy stabilizers market at the global level.

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Growing Need for Enhanced Shelf Life of Dairy Products Boosting Overall Consumption

XploreMR’s recent research study foretells the dairy stabilizers market is most likely to witness significant growth during the forecast period. Various functions served by dairy stabilizers has impacted the global demand for dairy stabilizers and is expected to heighten the volume sales in the overall dairy stabilizers market.

Many prominent companies engaged in developing dairy stabilizers are continuously expanding their business footprints globally. Often, dairy product when frozen, the proteins cluster around the water and form a slimy gel. Companies are investing in RandD to develop dairy stabilizers, which can provide smooth texture to the dairy products in the maximum temperature range.

“Dairy Stabilizers and Dairy Stabilizer Systems are the specialty food ingredients used in the manufacturing of dairy products such as ice-creams, yogurt, cheese, beverages and many more, to enhance the consumer satisfaction for eating creamy, low fat dairy products. The dairy stabilizers are used to enhance the shelf life of the dairy products.

These stabilizers are used to maintain the right creaminess, texture, mouth-feel, stability, and viscosity of the dairy products by adding sustainable ingredients. Dairy stabilizers prevent product waste by increasing premature discard of the product because of undesirable mouth feel or appearance.” says lead research analyst, Food, at XploreMR.

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Superior Functional Attributes Continue to Extend Applicability of Dairy Stabilizers

Dairy stabilizers showcase various purposes such as increased stability, moisture retention, and adding profound texture in the dairy products. North America is currently leading the global dairy stabilizers market, and there is a vast scope of expansion in emerging regions like South Asia and East Asia. Among different types of dairy stabilizers, natural gums stabilizers have a significant share predominantly when compared to others, which are predicted to grow at a remarkable growth rate during the forecast period.

Further, organic dairy stabilizers have a significant share than that of the conventional, owing to the rising inclination of manufacturers towards the use of organic ingredients to manufacture dairy stabilizer blends and systems. The demand for dairy stabilizers in ice cream, cheese, cream, beverages, yogurt, and other applications is likely to increase its market significantly in developed as well as developing countries.

Researchers and manufacturers have the opportunity to mark their presence in the overall market of dairy stabilizers by increasing the product’s efficiency and performance.

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